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louishearts asked - "hi i do not have any thing to ask just that i think your pretty"

Thank you sweetie ^_^

My trainer killed me today!!!

elevatedstateofminds asked - "BODY TIGHT GERL"

I’m getting there, thank you!!!

thighs forever thick

Anonymous asked - "what are good exercises for toning legs and belly? and what exercises can i do to loose weight on my waist and next to my knees? please i need help:("

for toning legs I recommend squats!!! if you have a gym membership get on that leg extension/curl machine as well as the leg press hack squat…for your waist I recommend you do at least 30 minutes of moderate/intense cardio everyday! like the exercise bike, elliptical, stair master, treadmill, or ladder climber. (or simply going for a run)…as well as sit-ups using a stability ball and the vertical raise knee dip station I think? there’s a machine I use thats perfect for waist trimming and ab toning I’ll post about it after I go tomorrow because today is my day off. I usually do 4-5 sets of 15-20 reps with 30 second breaks in-between of all the exercises I’m telling you about. don’t be scared to ask someone for help if you’re confused about working the machines at first and you want to make sure to start off slow to avoid strain but don’t not challenge yourself.


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Anonymous asked - "whats the most efficient thing you've done to minimize your belly fat?"

I’ve never really had much belly fat, its always been flat. But my ab scissor really started toning my muscles.